Other Good Video Websites

Having spent sometime looking at YouTube as a viable resource to use in the classroom, it must not be forgotten that there are a variety of other video websites out there that are just as useful.

In my district YouTube is a blocked website for obvious reasons. So often times I have used alternate websites to obtain videos for my classes. While these sites do not have the vast amount of videos to choose from as YouTube they often yield many good videos for classroom use.  Here is a partial list of the better websites that I have found to be quite useful in obtaining quality videos.

EDUTUBE located at http://edutube.org/

As they state on their website “EduTube is a new educational video search platform launched in April 2008. The main aim of EduTube is to organize the best educational video content on the Internet. It is not just another website for submitting videos – we recognize that a lot of great content is already out there, it just needs to be better organized.”

TEACHERTUBE located at http://www.teachertube.com/

This site again like Edutube is focused on education and has been growing in content over the last year. Like Edutube 90% of the videos are ok for use in the classroom.

SCHOOLTUBE located at http://www.schooltube.com/

This site is focused on student work. This is a site that has many different student produced videos on a wide range of topics. This is a great place for students to show off their work.

WATCHKNOW located at http://www.watchknow.org/about/

This site was started last year by a group of college professors in Educational Technology to develop a website that is trying to, “collecting all the best free educational videos made for children, and making them findable and watchable on one website.” This site has had tremendous growth over the past few months and will be one to watch in the future.

All of these site are most often not blocked by filtering systems and allow teachers and students to obtain valuable education material to fit their individual needs. I have had students use all of these websites and found them to be very useful. Students do not get sidetracked on videos that have no relevance to what they are looking for since all of these sites are strictly educational in their focus. Give them a try and see what you think. If you find one that I don’t have marked please email me the link so that I can add that to my ever growing list.


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