Good Classroom Resources Can Be Hard To Find

As summer starts to draw to a close,  many of us teachers begin to think of the upcoming school year. We all have visions and ideas that we would like to accomplish in our classrooms, so we begin to scour the internet for lesson plans and ideas. What we find is a vast amount of sites and information that often leave us frustrated and overwhelmed. There are so many different websites and resources on the web.  The problem becomes which sites truly have good lessons. Often times what we find just seems to miss the mark or is just not quite what we are looking for.

Over the course of the last 6 years I have been keeping a list of sites that I have used frequently and have found to be quite good. This is not “THE LIST”  by any means, and I am sure that there are other sites that are just as good if not better. But, I have gone back to all of these sites over and over again and found ideas and lessons that have been quite successful in my classroom.

This is where I would like everyone to weigh in! As you look through this list, if you know of a site that is full of great information please drop me an email or leave the link in the comment section of this blog.

Classroom Resources

Education Planet

The Gateway

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

CEC Lesson Plans

Mr Donn


Teacher Planet

Best of History Websites

Education World

Teacher Domain

We Are Teachers

Integrated Technology Lesson Plans

Internet 4 Classrooms

Think to Learn


Teacher Vision

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