Change it does not hurt!

Over the past weekend I was thinking about the students that I teach and the classroom issues that I am having.  The thought came to mind that these kids today are just different.  At first I thought they lack of motivation, pride in their work, or just have an overall apathy toward education; however I do not believe that to be so.  I believe that we need to change as teachers to reach this technological saturated generation.

This does not mean that the teacher is doing anything wrong, but rather something in the way that they deliver their instruction. Over the past couple of school years I have added an interactive whiteboard to my room and various other technologies. My student engagement is far higher than it was and there is a huge improvement in my classroom management.

Technology is something that must be used in the classroom today. The question that I seem to get the most often is where to start. I believe that placing assignments and information online in a simple website is the first step for all teachers. There are thousands of websites out there from free to just a few dollars a year to host a website. Many districts today have the server space to provide you a free place to host your site. While this may seem daunting at first, almost every teacher I have helped get online with a simple website has found that it is quite simple and quick to provide this type of communication and activity for students.

There are literally thousands of resources to allow teachers to create and host websites. Any quick search in Google is going to generate a large list of sites. Here are just a few of the resources that I have used in the past and found to be good services.



” SchoolWorld”

“ ”


“Class notes online”

“Educator Pages”

“School Notes”


2 Responses

  1. Couldn’t agree more! When our new music textbooks came out, I said that I could see myself teaching from a laptop for the whole lesson within the next few years. Funding and knowledge is slowing us down! We have to move ahead to reach the students of today, and prepare them for technology that isn’t even invented yet! Scaring, but exciting! Love your site! Thanks for the info! As Arnold said, I vill be bock:)

  2. Excellent vision and great links, Mr EDU how to!

    Finally a teacher that isn’t stuck in his routine!

    Students indeed need more fun in the classroom and more visually stimulating teaching, with the means they all know.

    About inspiring manufacturing education

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