Video in the Classroom Three Great Resources

I have been a huge proponent of using video in the classroom, and I am always looking for good web-video resources.  Today I am going to mention a few that I have been using for awhile, but I see that I have not blogged about them yet.

The first is  This website contains a lot of videos by industry leaders like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and others that speak to current policies and topics of the day.  This is a great discussion starter.   After watching some of these videos, students really get intrigued and good discussions can follow.

Another great website that I have been using for a while is  This is another great educational video website.  As with, this site offers good videos that cover a wide variety of educational topics that can be used to enlighten students on different topics.

The last resource that I thought I would share I found on Richard Byrne’s blog, “Free Technology For Teachers“.   This is a great blog that I recommend reading often, if you don’t already.   This site is called “Next Vista For Learning“.  Like the other sites mentioned above, it has more of an educational focus which is what I like about all of these sites.   You won’t have to wade through cats surfing and people drinking soda through their nose to find good educational videos.  Check out these websites.  I think you will find them very useful.

Web-Video resources:

  3. Next Vista For Learning

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