Mobile Technologies in Education

Really thought that this video brought up some great points on the possibilities and uses of  mobile technologies.  At some point educators are going to have to start harnessing the power and uses of technology rather than focusing on not allowing them in class.  The potential uses for these technologies are endless in a classroom.  Watch the video and let me know what you think about the use of these technologies in the classroom.

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2 Responses

  1. Finally, an issue that I am passionate about. I have looked for information of this caliber for the last several hours. Your site is greatly appreciated.

  2. I love the this video. I think it only shows us that we need to start incorporating more technology into our classrooms. It’s such a part of our everyday lives and students probably already know how to use it better than we do. I am currently doing my student teaching at a high school and it always shocks me the amount of technology the students have compared to what we had when I was in high school. I saw a student doing something the other day that I absolutely loved. Each day we have 20minutes worth of reading time. This particular student however was sitting there flipping through their i-touch. When I asked him why he wasn’t reading they simply responded but I am reading, I downloaded the book onto my i-pod. What a great use of technology. Especially with school budgets being cut the way they are. A lot of school can’t afford enough books to go around so why not let those students who have the ability to use their i-pods do so. I believe technology needs to become a part of every classroom in one way or another. It’s got our students attention so why not take advantage of that fact and make it a learning opportunity.

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