Great Online Gaming Tool for Your Classroom

Over the past weekend I came across a great resource to use in the classroom.  This site allows you to create jeopardy games to play in your classroom.  They are very easy to create and it allows you to keep score of up to ten teams in a game.  This could be used as a pre-assessment to see where your class is at before you develop your instruction or to review and assess what students have learned over the past few weeks.  There are also many games already created on many different topics that you can choose from.  I really liked the functionality and how quickly you can create these games.  This is a resource that all teachers could use, check this one out at the web address below.

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4 Responses

  1. […] Web Game making?? Reading: We are supposed to search blogs on wordpress on something that interests us. So Im interested in the making of web games, and i didn’t exactly found what i was looking for, but i found this blog, (pretty nice), which like, it tells you that you can make some kind of Jeopardy games, for classes… pretty neat I guess for the teacher that need them: MR. EDU-HOWTO […]

  2. I found your blog post while searching Google. Very informative, especially since this is not an issue a lot of people are familiar with…

  3. It’s great to see people freely expressing their opinion.Thanks for your insights.

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