We Must Teach the 2.0 Tool Before We Use It

In reading different blogs on different web 2.0 tools to use in the classroom, I came across a quote that I thought hit the nail on the head: “To avoid unnecessary frustration, we recommend that students be comfortable with a tool prior to its use in a graded assignment”.  This is often over looked when a teacher employs technology in their classrooms.  Teaching students how to use a piece of technology is very important in allowing that student to achieve the learning target for that lesson.  If the technology causes confusion or frustration, the student will not be a successful in that lesson.  I also agree that at some time the best way to teach technology to students is to put them into groups and peer tutor each other.  There are times that the students know the lingo better than the teachers and are more apt to get the message across to other students than a teacher.

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