Don’t Just Use Tech Teach It

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Integrating technology into lessons for students should be the goal of all teachers, but teaching students how to use the technology is a must.  Often, as we use and adapt technology in our classrooms, we assume students know more about technology than they really do.  I have seen many lessons that have fallen flat because the teacher thought that students would know how to use the technology employed in that lesson.  I have had this happen to me on multiple occasions.  Adults commonly differ to students to figure out technology assuming that they would be familiar and able to use any type of technology.  This is often a misconception.  Just because students may know what the technology is does not mean that they know how to use it correctly.  We must remember this as teachers.  When deciding to use any type of technology in the classroom  time must be spent in class on how to correctly use the technology.  While technology can increase student engagement it can also kill engagement and motivation if students gets frustrated and confused by the technology.  As adults we need to remember that while students may have considerable knowledge about technology they still need guidance on how to correct use technology.

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