School Year Resources Part Three: Digital Storytelling

The Boyhood of Raleigh, 1871
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Digital storytelling has become a very popular method in conveying information in my classroom.  Students can collect images on a topic and use them to tell stories to show their mastery of the content discuss and studied in class.  Often times they are having so much fun that they do not even realize how much they have learned or that they are learning through this process. I have been utterly amazed at the conversations that I have had with students as they work on their projects.  The depth of learning can be quite amazing.  The following sites have been used by some of my students.  Again like the previous posts if you know of any others or have had any issues with any of these resources please let me know.

Virtual Posters

  1. Glogster

Digital Story telling

  1. Google SearchStories’s creator
  2. Scooch
  3. Welcome to Fotobabble – Talking Photos
  4. Animalia Digital story teller
  5. StoryBird
  6. Picture Book Maker
  7. Story Jumper
  8. Storytron
  9. My Story Maker
  10. Kerpoof
  11. Digital Story Teller
  12. TikTok
  13. Little Bird Tales
  14. Myths and Legends
  15. Webook
  16. Storytelling Alice
  17. YouTellYou
  18. AudioBoo
  19. Kizoa
  20. Flip Book
  21. Capzles
  22. Slide
  23. One True Media
  24. VoiceThread
  25. Book Builder
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2 Responses

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for covering NeoK12 recently on your blog. Your blog is pretty well organized on all things ‘technology’ for the classroom.

    I just wanted to highlight NeoK12’s ‘School Presentation’ tool that allows anyone to easily and quickly create topic-specific photo stories/presentations using creative common licensed photos from Flickr and content from Wikipedia. As you’ve mentioned, digital storytelling is not only an effective learning tool, it’s something kids enjoy working with.

    Also wanted to mention about our educational games (quizzes, puzzles, interactive diagrams etc) by each topic, as well as a collection of brain games.

    Thanks again!

  2. Hi

    I saw that you included Storybird in your list of tools and thought you might be interested in joining the Storybird Ning I set up for teachers as a place to share ideas and resources on using Storybird and other web 2.0 tools in the writing classroom. We’re still pretty small but looking for more teachers to join us and get a conversation going on technology and writing. We are at Hope you can join us!


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