School Resources Part Six: Mind Mapping and Charting Websites

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When students start large projects they often feel overwhelmed and lost.  As the teacher I would often have to lead them through the beginning process so they could get organized and started on their projects.  So to further help my students I began to bookmark websites that helped them organize their thoughts and ideas on their own.  These sites allowed them to put ideas in order and see how they relate to one another.  I often ask students to map out their projects before they begin creating them and have them turn in these organizational charts with their final project.   The list below is one that I provide my students to use in my class.  Again if you have any other sites that you use or any feedback on the sites provided please let me know.

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  1. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for doing a post on mind mapping!

    Mind mapping is a tool that facilitates visual mapping of information. What makes mind mapping so useful is that it enables us to break down information to key concepts (analysis) and then meaningfully put it together (synthesis). This makes mind mapping not only a great tool for business, but also an outstanding tool for learning in schools. Many students use mind mapping to take notes, consolidate lecture materials, manage information, solve problems, and enhance their thinking and learning.

    Here are some additional resources that may be of interest:
    – My favorite FREE mind mapping programs: Xmind (; desktop; also has free on-line server to share maps), Mind42 (; web-based), and Freemind (; web-based).
    – For lists of more mind mapping programs visit mapping software (table), (bookmarks), (comprehensive database), and (mind map of programs).
    – You can upload and download free maps at Biggerplate ( and Mindjet (
    – YouTube videos on mind mapping:

    Over 250 million business professionals use mind mapping. It’d be great to see it used widely in classrooms as well.

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