What is your one thing this school year?

What is your “One Thing” for this year at school?  I discovered mine the first few days of school.

As the first few days of school came and went I was struck by the excitement and enthusiasm all the students seemed to have as they arrived at school.  Students were generally open and willing to learn and participate in all activities.  We had no shortage of students willing to help move things and help out when needed.  This caused me to stop and ponder; “Where does this willingness and motivation go as the year progresses?”  “What is it that we as teachers do that causes some students to lose that motivation?”  While we can not control what happens to students outside of school and we will always lose some to those events, we can control what happens in our schools.  So the question for me really becomes what can I do as a teacher to maintain and even enhance that motivation to learn?

So my goal is to maintain that first day excitement and motivation all year.  This will be my “One Thing” for this year!

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