Hard Work I Don’t Think So

Watch this video with Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs.  In this TED talk he discusses hard work and how our society has been waging a war against it over the years.  I found this to be quite interesting. As I teacher I see this and hear this from students daily.  Many students really don’t see the need to put out effort and learn. This disconnect with hard work and the reason for it seems to not register with them.  Students can not seem to grasp that if they put in the time now they will reap the rewards later. They live in a society that provides immediate response.  When they don’t see immediate results they do not see the relevance or purpose of doing it.  

As a teacher this poses a quite difficult dilemma.  How do I present information and teach content with immediate response and relevance for students?  This is much harder than one would think.  So as educators how can we bridge this gap?  The answer to this I believe to be the true key to education reform. Kids learn differently today and education needs to adapt to this, not fight it.


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