Want to revamp your presentations? Try these 10 programs!

Presentation ProgramsLets face it, when students see a PowerPoint presentation they moan and grown.  PowerPoint has been used so much that anymore students often tune out.  As a teacher I am always looking for new ways to present information to my students.  I still do use PowerPoint occasionally but have begun to use other programs as well and have found some of these to be quite useful.  After talking to some colleagues about this topic I decided that I would share some of the different programs I have found.  These programs are not only easy to use but a nice change for the students.  So here are the top ten alternate presentation programs that I have been using over the past year.

  1. Prezi is the first program that I found to be easy to use and entertaining for students.  This program allow you to simply place words, images and video in any order you would like.  It is very simple and the transition from topic to topic is very captivating for the students.  Also once you have created the Prezi it is saved on their website and available from any internet connection.
  2. Empressr is a lot like PowerPoint in its lay out and delivery.  It is an online program that allows you to upload video, images and audio.  It saves it on their server so that you can easily share your presentation on your own website, blog, or social networking page.
  3. Museum Box is a great site that students love.  This site allows you to create a box with different drawers and number of boxes to display your information.  This is very interactive and easily shared.  Again like the others you can add video, audio and images.  Great one to have student come up to the interactive board and explore each box and share what they find.
  4. Animoto is a great site to easily and quickly create videos for your classroom to present information.  This site will take your images, sound and video and then it creates movies that look like movie clips that can be fun for students to watch.  This is also a great site for students to use to create projects for class.
  5. Glogster is a site that allows you to present information in the form of a virtual poster.  You can imbed photos, sounds, videos and text right on the poster for students to view on their own or present to them in class.  Like Animoto, Glogster is a great site for kids to use to create projects for class.
  6. 280 Slides is simple put an online version of PowerPoint. However, it does allow you to easily link videos and images from the web into the presentation and it allows you to share your presentation easily on the web.
  7. Present it This site is like 280 slides this is a online version of PowerPoint.  This site does allow you to download your presentation so that you can use it offline as well.
  8. Wix is a flash website creator.  This site allows you to create interactive presentations or website to use in your classroom.  They have a great look to them and students seem to respond to these types of websites well.
  9. VIDDIX this site combines video with your PowerPoint type presentation.  It is a double window player that has video on the right and presentation notes or information on the right. This combination can be very powerful and really help to drive home your learning targets.
  10. SlideSix is a unique presentation application it allows you to record audio and video directly into your presentation.  It embeds the audio or video into your presentation allowing you to narrate slides and video.  It is easy to embed and share your final project.

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  1. Your idea somewhat new, but also needs to be improved

    • How do you mean improve? Do you have some other presentation applications if so please share.

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