Take the Oath: “Teach Students to Search the Web”

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Often times students are told to look up information on the web for an assignment or project.  Since we live in an age were students are active on the web through Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other social media the assumption is often made that they are tech savvy and are able to conduct a basic web search. This could not be farther from the truth.

Over the course of the last few years I have noticed that many students have never been taught how to conduct a basic web search. So when they are faced with this task in the classroom or at home they search for a minute or two and then I hear the inevitable words, “Mr. A there is just nothing on the web on my topic. I have looked every where and have found nothing.” Their frustration is so high that this can kill an assignment or project. So like many teachers I began providing a list of sites that they can use so that they can find the needed information. However, I began to wonder if this is not just masking the problem and that students are still missing out on a valuable skill that they will need in the future. So I have sworn an oath to teach all my students every year how to conduct a proper web-search and not just Google It.

Here are some great sites that can provide valuable information to assist you and your students in developing the necessary skills to teach and complete good web-searches.  If you have an excellent resource that is not listed here please drop me a line and share it so I can pass it on.

Lesson Plans

  1. Google Basic Search Lesson Plans
  2. Video Lesson Plan 
  3. Just Google it
  4. Basic Search Lesson plans
  5. Jeri Schneider Portfolio University of Michigan


  1. Five Steps to a more Accurate and Effective Google Search: Some quick search tips.
  2. The Google Guide: Extensive information on search and how Google works.
  3. Google Features: Some resource provided by Google to help you find information.
  4. Google Infographic: A Great graphic showing how to search.
  5. Google Search Cheat Sheet: Google search tips and shortcuts PDF cheat sheet.
  6. Free Technology for Teachers
  7. How to tweak your search when Google does not give you what you want.
  8. Kathy Schrock’s guide for educators
  9. Common Craft Web Search Strategies
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2 Responses

    • Look at some of the lesson plans provided on this page. they will give you a start on how to teach this skill to your students.

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