Poll for Student Response, Here Is a Great Tool!

Getting feed back from students is critical.  I am always looking for ways to elicit feedback from students on content and learning styles.  Often times the feedback needed by teachers is not comprehensive but simple in nature.  I have often used online survey makers and quizzes, but these can be difficult to make and often hard to link to your class or school websites.  However, today I cam across a website called Pollmo Polls.

Pollmo Polls is an easy to use poll creator that is easy to embed in your school or class website.  It is so quick and easy to use it can be created and posted ion less than 3-4 minutes.  I highly recommend this site to quick poll and  assess your students online. This is one that I definitely plan to use in the upcoming new year.  Check it out at the following address: http://pollmo.com/

I found out about this site through Mr. Byrne’s website “Free Technology For Teachers” if you have not read this blog I highly recommend it. To read it go to this address: http://www.freetech4teachers.com/.

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Who are you lesson plan? Tell me using Glogster, A Cartoon or Word Cloud.

Here is a great lesson that incorporates technology on the very first day of school.

In our school district we start before labor day.  This makes things a bit difficult in getting classes really started since some students do not start coming to school until after Labor Day.  So each year I look for a great little project that will fill this time and allow me to begin to get to know my students.  This project has really fits the bill.  It not only allows me to get to know the kids it really engages them and incorporates technology.  They get familiar with using technology right away which makes it easier to use technology in my classroom.  It also really allows them to be creative and play with technology.


Using one of the resource lists below create a project that introduces you to the class.  You can use images, words, audio and video files anything that you feel best describes you.

Option #1 Who Am I “Cartoon”

Cartoon Creators” using one of these resources create a cartoon that introduces you to the class.  In this list you will find simple cartoon strip creators and animated cartoon creators.  Remember! The goal is to introduce us to who you are.

Click here to view the resource list for this project.

Option #2 Who Am I “Glogster

Using the username and password that you have received from me log on to Edu.Glogster and create a glog that introduces the class to you.

Click here to view the resource list for this project.

Option #2 Who Am I “Word Cloud

For this project write a short biography of who you are no more than one page.  Then use one of the word cloud websites to create a word cloud that will introduce you to the class.

Click here to view the resource list for this project.

Once you have finished creating your project post the link to your assignment on your blog or email me the link to your project.

Have Fun and be Creative!

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Getting Ready for the School Year! Classroom Resources: Part One: Video Editors

Well, it is that time of year again to begin looking ahead to the upcoming school year and begin collecting resource for my students to use.  This seems to be an annual event for me searching the web and creating project lists and other links that I think the students will find useful in my classroom.  I have always found that it is better to have list from students to use rather than have them search to save time and maximize time spent on topic.  However, This year I thought that I would try something  new.  Since I am very active with my PLN (Professional Learning Network) I thought that I would post my lists here for all to see so that I can receive input from others.  This may allow me to find resources that I missed or find out that one of the resource I have bookmarked really would not be suitable to use in a classroom setting.  So over the next few weeks I will be posting links for you to look at and consider.  Please let me know if you have used these resources before and how they worked out.

Here are my first list.

I have a project based classroom and have used some of these resources before.

Online video editors for my students to use.

  1. Animoto
  2. Flixtime
  3. Jaycut
  4. Stroome
  5. Movie Masher
  6. Kaltura
  7. RiffTrax
  8. Motion Box
  9. One True Media
  10. Veoh
  11. Ustream
  12. CaptionTube
  13. Photobucket
  14. Youtube Editor
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State of the Union Speech Great Lesson Plan!

Here is a great lesson created by the New York Times for the State of the Union Address tonight.   Wish I had found this lesson earlier but will find a way to incorporate it into my lesson for today.  It is worth a look!  At least for discussion topics in class.

See it here at this link: http://learning.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/01/26/on-the-issues-predicting-and-responding-to-the-state-of-the-union-address/

Online Quiz by My Studiyo

Over the weekend I received another link to an online quiz maker. In the past I found many of these to be a bit hokey and not worth much, but since I received this from multiple sources and they all thought that it was a great resource, I decided to check it out. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. The ease of putting together a quiz was very intuitive and the process was simple and straight forward. I was able to create a quiz in just a few minutes which is another plus in my book. The use of this in a classroom as an introduction activity would be great, since you can add all types of media to the quizzes. This could be a great way to introduce an upcoming topic or review past knowledge before moving on. Another plus for me was the fact that it was free. All you need to do is create an account and you can start making quizzes; however, they do advertise and that could be an issue for some school districts. Overall this is one that I may use in the future and definitely earned a bookmark. Thanks guys for the link and tip.


Zoom to Learn

This is a great resource for teachers to post images on the web and have students able to really zoom into sections and look at a particular image. I have found this very useful for things such as maps. Often when I give a map assignment students like to go to Google map and begin working. However, since they can do so much with Google maps they often get lost in the process and are off task looking at their house or other things that are not the focus of my lesson. This is one of the pitfalls of technology. To combat this I have begun using this website to create usful maps that limit what they can look at so that the focus stays on the task at hand. In an age of immense technology sometimes we forget that students can get lost in the amount of information they can find in a simple Google search. We as teachers need to ensure this does not happen and provide resources that limit the inflow of information to attain our learning objective.


Don’t Overlook the Obvious

With all of the many different resources out there for lesson plans and lesson plan ideas. It seems that I have found myself and other colleagues searching every source but those that seem obvious to check, like  the Library of Congress. After visiting their website last night I knew that I just had to blog about this resource. Like you would expect there are some excellent resources and lesson plans to be found on the teachers page of their website. The teacher page contains everything from lesson plans to professional development resources. What I found most impressive was the amount of primary resources you can find to use in your classroom.  While I have used this site in the past it just seems as though I lost track of them and now realize again that this should be a first stop when looking for ideas and lesson plans for class.