Plagiarism: Learn by Doing – Resources to Help Your Students! (Updated)

Over the past week, I have been receiving projects and papers from students.  During this process, the dreaded plagiarism issue has reared up its ugly head.  Having spent sometime on this issue with my students, I began to wonder what else I could do to help my students understand the issue of plagiarism, so I began looking at different plagiarism services on the web.  This was not for me to detect plagiarism, but for the students to use to check their own work.  Much of what I am seeing from my students is that they truly believe that they are not plagiarizing, so this list of resources I have put together below are for students and teachers to use to check their work prior to turning in their assignments.  This will provide a great learning tool about plagiarism for the students.  This way student will learn by doing and can begin to see what truly constitutes plagiarism.

If you know of a site, I missed please let me know. Thanks!

Plagiarism Links

FREE Services

  1. Article Checker: This site will check content by pasting either content or a web address into its search boxes.  This is a free service.
  2. Dupli Checker: Again, a simple site where you just paste in your content and it will check that content for plagiarism.  This is a completely free site.
  3. Google Scholar: A free service that checks content for plagiarism.
  4. Doc Cop: You must register and provide an email for them to send you the results. You can upload .doc and .pdf files as well as upload websites. This service will also compare student work to each others to look at collusion.
  5. Plagium: Another free service that allows you to cut and paste material on to their website.
  6. WCopyfind: This is some free software that mainly looks a collusion.  You must have content accessible via your computer. This program will not search the web.
  7. SafeAssign: This is a service free of charge for Blackboard users.
  8. Crossrefme: This is a service offered by  Again, this is a free cut and paste service that searches the web to look for similar content.
  9. Another cut and paste service that uses Google and Yahoo option in their search function.
  10. Searchmaze: Free cut and paste search application to detect plagiarism.

FREE and PAY Services

  1. The Plagiarism Checker: Created by the University of Maryland, simply cut and paste content into this webpage, and it will check for plagiarism. There is a free option and a more advanced option for $15.00 a month.
  2. This site offers different services for check papers and content for plagiarism.  It ranges from a free service to a one time fee of $29.99.
  3. They offer a free service that allows you to upload word and text files to be scanned.  They also have a link to pay service that is more robust located at:
  4. Glatt SelfTest: This is a simple self check to cut and paste your content in, and it will check it for plagiarism.  To obtain your own copy of this program it is $65.00.
  5. PaperRater: This site has a free and a pay service to look over papers for students.  This site checks plagiarism as well as other writing conventions.
  6. EssayRater: Great service for high school students to check their essays not only for plagiarism but word choice, spelling, grammar and other conventions.

Pay only Services

  1. Turnitin: This is a service that provides entire schools and individuals a plagiarism service.  If you contact them via their website, they will quote you a price for their service.
  2. Viper: This is a program that you download to your computer to check content for plagiarism.  There are three different plans to choose from each offering different services. This site is geared toward college students.
  3. Eve2: This is a software package that has a one time fee of $29.99.
  4. Plagiarism Finder 1.2.2: This is a software download that gives you a 30 day trial but costs $125.00

Good Plagiarism Information Sites

  1. Plagiarism dot Org: This site provided great information on plagiarism and is a great resource for students.  Also, they do provide a service that will check papers for students for a fee. This service is called “Writecheck” located at:
  2. Plagiarism on the Web: There is a great list of resources here for students and teachers to use when discussing plagiarism.
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