Mobile Technologies in Education

Really thought that this video brought up some great points on the possibilities and uses of  mobile technologies.  At some point educators are going to have to start harnessing the power and uses of technology rather than focusing on not allowing them in class.  The potential uses for these technologies are endless in a classroom.  Watch the video and let me know what you think about the use of these technologies in the classroom.

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Videojug video website

VideojugHere is yet another good informational video website for students. This site has videos on a wide variety of topics. Many of them are made by this site and not off of Youtube. This site has videos on education, health, technology and a plethora of other topics. I was impressed by the amount of videos on science and math. Check this out it could be a great resource to find videos to demonstrate topics in class or to add further detail to a subject in class.

Microsofts World Wide Telescope

This is an excellent resource for k12 educators. This site brings to life the vast unknown of space. This virtual telescope provides imagery from space-based telescopes. Also it provides tours of the sky and celestial bodies. It also contains guides tours and historic narratives on most of the Apollo missions. This resources could be used to teach history, geography and science. This is an engaging platform that really captivates student interest.

You must install a small application but the process is simple and well worth the time.
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Don’t Overlook the Obvious

With all of the many different resources out there for lesson plans and lesson plan ideas. It seems that I have found myself and other colleagues searching every source but those that seem obvious to check, like  the Library of Congress. After visiting their website last night I knew that I just had to blog about this resource. Like you would expect there are some excellent resources and lesson plans to be found on the teachers page of their website. The teacher page contains everything from lesson plans to professional development resources. What I found most impressive was the amount of primary resources you can find to use in your classroom.  While I have used this site in the past it just seems as though I lost track of them and now realize again that this should be a first stop when looking for ideas and lesson plans for class.

Wondering where to get started with technology in the classroom? Read this article by Lisa Nielsen

Lisa does a great job laying out 10 ways to get started with 21st century learning in the classroom. You know what it really is not that scary!
Click here to read the article by Lisa  Nielsen.techlearning

Podcasting in 10 Minutes (Part One Setup)

To create podcasts for your class does not take alot of time. This is the first video in a series that discusses and shows you how to create podcasts in under 10 minutes for your classroom. Please provide feedback and any questions.

Twenty One Interesting Ways* to Use Audio in your Classroom

This is a great resource on how to use audio in your classroom. It has some great ideas and resources for all teachers. Also it goes with our current theme of podcasting.