Project Based Learning with Primary Sources

Historical Scene Investigation is a great website to use to incorporate not only technology in your classroom but also primary sources as well.

Historical Scene Investigation


This is a project based website that provides lessons focusing on U.S. history.  Here are the topics covered on this website.

  • March on Frankfort
  • Case of Sam Smiley
  • When Elvis Met Nixon
  • Dropping the Bomb
  • School Desegregation
  • Children in the Civil War
  • Antonio Slave
  • Constitution Controversy
  • Boston Massacre
  • Lexington Concord
  • Bacon’s Rebellion
  • Jamestown Starving Time

All of these lessons have a student and teacher sections and include all readings, worksheets and links to other WebPages.   This is a great site to use in your class but also to see a great way to setup similar content projects.

Click on this link to check out this website.

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