Failure is How We Learn

I have always been struck by how education views failure.  Failure is how we learn!  So why is it that in education we punish students for failing?  We should encourage and motivate our students to try again, not punish them with a poor grade.  We live in a world that needs creativity and exploration of new ideas.  So as educators we should be trying to cultivate creativity.  Not every idea will be a success students need to realize that life is full of failures, but this does not mean to give up or just move on but reset and try again.  This fundamental idea really needs to be looked at in education.  Do current grading systems really work to cultivate creativity or are they pushing conformity?  As I begin a new year with my students I really am looking at ways to break this old mode of education and find ways to foster student creativity.  To accomplish this I need to keep students motivated and engaged this is my “One Thing” that I mentioned in an earlier post.  The world is changing and as educators we need to change with it to truly prepare our students for todays work force.

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A great resource I finally got to look at!

Now that school is out and I have a little time to look at some resources that I had bookmarked. I came across one that I wish I would have looked at during the year.  AVIARY is an excellent free resource to use in the classroom.  This site contains some great tools for students to use in their projects.  Such as image editors, audio editors, music creators, and a variety of other creative tools.  This is a great resource to get students to think outside of the box for their projects and promote creativity.  This site has a community of artists sharing ideas, images and music.  As I perused this site I found the content to be suitable for secondary education and think that it would be a great resource.  As with all communities however, you will want to monitor student activity and work on this site.

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Revamping My Classroom: Goodbye Desks Hello Couches and Bean Bags

So over the past year I have toyed with the idea of removing the desks in my room. Why you ask? Well, I have always felt that rows of desks and has always added to the robotic nature of an industrialized school system. This type of environment really is not very conducive to creativity. What our schools really need at this point is to teach students how to be creative.

Creativity is becoming a key to success for our society so as teachers we need to promote this and teach this in our classrooms to truly prepare students for the future. The first step in developing creativity is creating a comfortable environment where students feel safe to explore and try out new ideas. This is not done just with a change in decor but room setup as any teacher knows is essential in developing a classroom atmosphere. So, I have taken out the desks and moved in the couches and bean bags. Today, students may be shocked!

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