Student Podcasting Resources: School Resources Part Seven

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Over the past few years some of the best projects that I have received in my classes have been student produced podcasts.  Not only have students had a great time creating them but the learning that took place in the process was outstanding.  I have found their projects very entertaining and informative.  This has been a popular medium of choice at times with my classes.  So over the past few years we have developed a variety of resources to create these podcasts.

Check out the list below and as always if you know of another resource please let me know.

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Great School Video Website Resource

NeoK12 is a great resource for students and teachers to use.  I have found this particularly good for finding video clips on a multitude of different subjects.  At first I was using this as a resource for teaching and putting these videos into my lessons, but found that students could use these videos in their projects.  As it turned out students loved using this resource when they were creating their projects for class.  This site also contains many different online games in many different content areas and was a great resource for students to use when they got ahead in class.  This site would be a great resource for a school website since it is cross curricular.  Me and my students loved using this over the past year check it out at the address below.

Click the address to the left.

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A to Z a Good Resource for ME

Over the course of the past few months I have used A to Z  to obtain some very good resources.  I have found this site very useful in obtaining  holiday lessons and worksheets for my students.  I have been quite impressed with the quality of the content that I have found on this site.  Many of you have probably used this site at one time or another but over the last couple of days I have been exploring the vast amount of content areas present on this site and am amazed at the amount of material.  So, I guess this post is more of a kudos to this website than anything else.  Also, I wanted to just remind teachers of this valuable resource.  Often times as teachers we forget some sources and need to be reminded of them.  This is a great website to have bookmarked as a teacher resource check it out at the following address:

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