Great search tool for students. “Factbites”

Often times when students begin research projects and turn to the web for information, they feel overwhelmed.  Their search results net thousands of pages that may contain the key words they are searching for but do not contain any information on their given topic.  Many search results are pages that just contain the word or phrase on the page and no real substantial information.  As students begin to look through these results, they feel frustrated, and this frustration causes a lack of motivation.  They begin to lose interest in their search and project.  This is when I hear students say, “I can’t find any information on my topic!”   Over the past few years, I have been looking at different search engines and helping students with how to do a good search on the web, but I still had failed to find a really good topic specific search engine.  That was until now.  Over the past few weeks, I have been having my students use Factbites.  This search engine seems to narrow down the web to the actual content or information that students are looking for. They can quickly see if this site is going to contain information relevant to their topic.  While this is not a cure all, it has seemed to reduce frustration among my students.  Students still need to know and understand how to do a proper internet search, but this search engine will get them to relevant information quicker and easier.

Give it a try at: