Schoology a Free Social Network Learning Management System

Looking for a Learning Management system that incorporates social networking for student collaboration?  Schoology might be the answer. This LMS package incorporates many of the social network layouts and interactions that students have become accustom to through social networking.  They are easily able to able to interact with their teachers and students to collaborate and communicate.  Teachers can create different groups and classes manage student progress, grades, attendance and even view course analytics. Teachers can create online learning content like quizzes, online dropboxes, webpages, and various mobile applications.  Most of what this site provides is free however, individualized branding, support and training are purchased add-ons. This site is definitely worth looking at if you are looking for a classroom LMS system.

Click here to take a look at this LMS System.

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Teach Live Online with WiZiQ

This morning I ran across another great online tool.  WiZiQ allows teachers to teach live online, create tests and quizzes, upload and share content, and allows you to teach live in Moodle.   This service offers a free and premium service for its users.  The free service includes the following:

  • 500 attendees & 02 hours limit per class
  • 03 Class Recordings & Downloads
  • Class Statistics
  • Forever Free Account
  • Forum Based Support

In order to teach in Moodle or integrate with any LMS you must have a Premium membership.  However, If you are looking to try out a live online learning lesson this might be a great resource to give it a try.  The interface was quite intuitive and setup seemed fairly simple.

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