How Students See the World

The video below was a project asking students to show the world as they see it.  This is a very interesting video that poses some serious questions for educators.  We all know that every generation is different and to be a successful teacher we have to adapt to meet the needs of the current generation. The integration of technology for the current generation is not a gimmick or fad it is how they interact, learn and live their lives. To be a successful teacher and reach the current generation technology is now a key component. Watch the video below.

Click here to see the project

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Do you relate to your students? REALLY!

In  reading the “Free Technology for Teachers” blog by Mr. Byrne today he posted a link to a quiz called How Millennial Are You? This got me to thinking, like his posts normally do.  That all teachers need to consider how they relate to the current generation.  Knowing your students hobbies, beliefs, current technologies they use and how they communicate is the key to being able to develop lessons and projects that will be successful in your classroom.  Ignoring it and just driving on with what you have done for the past 10-25 years is much like an ostrich sticking their head in the sand.  All of us remember those teacher that taught outdated lessons and we remember the disconnect that occurred in those classes.  Take this quiz and then take a moment to consider what it really means?  Then consider how do you relate to your students?  The results may surprise you.  I know it did me!

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