School Resources Part Four: Online Presentation Programs

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Over the past couple of years students have found a variety of ways to present information to the class.  Many of their presentations were very creative and unique below is a list of some of the programs that they have used in the past and I will be link on my website for the kids this year.  Again if you know of any others or have anything to add about the sites link please drop me a line.

Presentation Programs

1. AuthorStream
2. Empressr
3. Eyespot
4. PhotoStory 3
5. Prezi
6. SlideShare
7. ThinkFree Show
8. Thumbstacks
9. Toufee
10.Zoho Show

11.280 Slides

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Five Project Resources My Students Love

One of my major goals for this year is to allow students to present what they have learned in class in any form in which they feel comfortable.  At the beginning of the class I provide a list of many different resources from which they can choose.  Students are also given the option of creating their own way of presenting their information, provided they first obtain teacher approval.

What I have noticed is this: Most students start with writing papers, since that is what they are use to and with which they have had the most success.  When they are starting their third or fourth projects, I have found that they are looking for new and creative ways to present their information.

Over the past semester these five resources seem to have become quite popular with my students.  (See the list below.)  When I ask why they chose this medium to use, they often state that it is because they are allowed to alter the look and feel of the project.  It seems that any resource that allows them to alter its look and apply/create a personal touch really captivates their attention; it motivates them.  Use the links below to check these resources out for yourself.  See if they may fit your needs.

Along with these tools to present and or demonstrate their knowledge,  I have had the students help create the grading rubric.   This has been very powerful in the classroom.  I have also been surprised at how much harder their rubrics seem to be than the ones I would have created.  But allowing the students to have a say in the grading criteria has been a great motivator for them.

Below is  an example of toonlet.  Toonlet is a cartoon creator that some of my students discovered and really enjoy.

Resource Links:

  1. Toonlet:
  2. Class Press:
  3. Xtra-Normal:
  4. Glogster:
  5. Prezi:

Five Resource my Kids Love!

Six Resource my Kids Love!
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A Useful Diagram Tool for your Lesson Plans

Over the past week, I began using diagrammr in my classroom for a variety of tasks and have found it to be useful in many ways.  I have used it for directions in class, as students enter the room.  This program can be used for scaffolding for assignments, readings, and projects that they have been assigned.  It can chart the flow of reading assignments and demonstrates reading strategies.  I have also used it to create timelines for students for my history classes.  This tool is easy to use and share with students via the web, interactive board, Powerpoint, Prezi or any other electronic media.  The possibilities on the classroom are huge.  Students often need that direction to keep moving and learning in the classroom, and this tool will allow you to provide just enough guidance to keep them moving in the right direction.  Check it out at the address below:

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Prezi not just another online resource! Its useful!

So today after reading about Prezi and half heartedly looking at this new online resource, I decided to give it a try in class.  So I took the lesson I had created for today in Powerpoint and began the process of cutting and pasting and put all of the information into Prezi.  I found the process to create presentations to be surprisingly easy.  As a typical guy, I did not read any of the directions or watch any of the how-to videos that they provide and was able to create my lesson quite quickly.  The only issues that I ran into was that image files needed to be GIF format and videos in Flash format.

As I presented the information to the students, they seemed to enjoy the  presentation and were captivated by the zoom in and zoom out functions during the presentation.  As an added bonus, all of your presentations are kept online so that you can access them from anywhere.   Also this site allows you to embed these presentations into your class website and download them onto your computer.  I took sometime to show this to other faculty members, and they to thought that it would be a useful resource for presenting information to their perspective classes.  This is a resource that I know I will use again and recommend for other teachers.  It is simple to use and it enables you to create presentations quickly and easily.  So if you have not already, check out this resource at

Note: Teachers be sure to check out the discount rate they offer to upgrade to the pro version.