Visual Search Engine: instaGrok

Over the course of the the last few days my students have begun to use instaGrok as a search engine in class. This site conducts searches in a very visual way that invokes students to explore and learn. Often times I see them digging deeper into a search due to the visual nature of the the search engine. The visual nature also seems to spark  the curiosity in students to explore and look deeper into a topic. Another great thing about this search engine is the layout which provides students immediately with key facts, videos, images and other resources. Saving students time in looking for these resources next which they often need to do for many assignments. I was very happy with how engaged my students were and how they seemed to really like to use this search engine.

Check it out for yourself at:

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Protect Your Identity Online With img4me

An important part of any online endeavor is protecting your personal information.  In creating your PLN or online learning community, you may need to display some personal information in order to receive feedback from others.  The problem with posting this information is that search engine crawlers often grab this information and place it in their databases for all to access.  To prevent these search engines from storing your personal information placed on your blog or website, you can convert this information from text on your site to an image.  Img4me does just that for you.  It will convert any text into an image that you can place on your site and have peace of mind that the many different searcgh engines will not grab that information and place it in their databases.  This is a simple to use site and produces good quality images that will work well on any site.  Check it out at the address below:

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