Don’t Overlook the Obvious

With all of the many different resources out there for lesson plans and lesson plan ideas. It seems that I have found myself and other colleagues searching every source but those that seem obvious to check, like  the Library of Congress. After visiting their website last night I knew that I just had to blog about this resource. Like you would expect there are some excellent resources and lesson plans to be found on the teachers page of their website. The teacher page contains everything from lesson plans to professional development resources. What I found most impressive was the amount of primary resources you can find to use in your classroom.  While I have used this site in the past it just seems as though I lost track of them and now realize again that this should be a first stop when looking for ideas and lesson plans for class.

The Why Files (Science behind the News)

This is a great website for secondary science teachers. It provides students with an explanation of the science and technology behind current news of the day. This site is based at the  University of Wisconsin-Madison. Their goal is to “explain the relationship between science and daily life.” This site has many interactive activities explain many natural phenomenons with quizzes, questions and activities that meet many state standards.

Click here to visit the site.