Students Answer Visually with Jing a Great Learning Tool

Over the past few weeks, I have started having students use images to explain concepts on their blogs.  This has been a stretch for them, since they had to find just the right image to post to their blog to answer the question.  One of my students began using the free version of Jing to capture and share his images, which worked very well for him.  Since then, all the computers in our lab now have Jing on them and students are using this application to capture and share partial and full images from the web in their blogs.   They can even edit the images that they have captured.  I have found that having students present answers in alternate ways really pushes my students to gain a true understanding of topics.  Also, it leads to great conversations about the subject, as students discuss each others images.  I have found this to be a win-win for me in the classroom.  I thought that this was a great exercise and Jing was a great free tool for students to use in this situation.

Check it out at:

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