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In reading my morning blogs and tweeting this morning I saw a website that I found to be very interesting called Pupiltube. This site has a lage collection of how to videos that i know students will find intriguing. This site covers all major subject areas as well as many technology topics. They can learn to write an essay and take apart an Iphone. They can learn to Calculate Compound interest and learn how to make an Itouch battery. The amount of videos on this site is quite impressive and many of the videos are very informative and would be useful of students. This is a great site to add to your resource list on your class website.


Online Quiz by My Studiyo

Over the weekend I received another link to an online quiz maker. In the past I found many of these to be a bit hokey and not worth much, but since I received this from multiple sources and they all thought that it was a great resource, I decided to check it out. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. The ease of putting together a quiz was very intuitive and the process was simple and straight forward. I was able to create a quiz in just a few minutes which is another plus in my book. The use of this in a classroom as an introduction activity would be great, since you can add all types of media to the quizzes. This could be a great way to introduce an upcoming topic or review past knowledge before moving on. Another plus for me was the fact that it was free. All you need to do is create an account and you can start making quizzes; however, they do advertise and that could be an issue for some school districts. Overall this is one that I may use in the future and definitely earned a bookmark. Thanks guys for the link and tip.


Don’t Overlook the Obvious

With all of the many different resources out there for lesson plans and lesson plan ideas. It seems that I have found myself and other colleagues searching every source but those that seem obvious to check, like  the Library of Congress. After visiting their website last night I knew that I just had to blog about this resource. Like you would expect there are some excellent resources and lesson plans to be found on the teachers page of their website. The teacher page contains everything from lesson plans to professional development resources. What I found most impressive was the amount of primary resources you can find to use in your classroom.  While I have used this site in the past it just seems as though I lost track of them and now realize again that this should be a first stop when looking for ideas and lesson plans for class.

I cant create my future with the tools of your past!

Here is a great video created by Marianne Malmstrom that was created as the Keynote for Net Generation Education Project. She asked some middle school students their thoughts on technology and their future and this is what she got. The wisdom that can be gained from kids we we just listen is extraordinary. This is a much watch video for anyone who is interested in integrating technology into education.

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For more great information on technology use in the classroom visit the authors website/Wiki at

Wondering where to get started with technology in the classroom? Read this article by Lisa Nielsen

Lisa does a great job laying out 10 ways to get started with 21st century learning in the classroom. You know what it really is not that scary!
Click here to read the article by Lisa  Nielsen.techlearning

Educational Technology Wiki

This is an educational technology Wiki known as Edutech Wiki. this is a great resource for teachers wanting to learn or participate in learning about educational technology. It is hosted by TECFA – an educational technology research and teaching unit at University of Geneva. This site has tutorials, articles, and many other resources for teachers.

Click here to Check this one out!

Podcasting in 10 Minutes (Part One Setup)

To create podcasts for your class does not take alot of time. This is the first video in a series that discusses and shows you how to create podcasts in under 10 minutes for your classroom. Please provide feedback and any questions.