Free Survey Creator “Obsurvey”

This past week as our semester came to a close I began looking to create a survey to see what my students are thinking about the year so far. I have always found these types of surveys to be very reveling and enlightening and because of this have made them a regular part of my classroom routine.

The issue every year is what service to use? Survey Monkey is the most well known but like many other survey creators they require a monthly fee and since I am only creating 3-4 surveys a year a monthly fee of $20.00 is just not worth it. Many of the survey sites do offer a free version but only allow a certain amount of questions or responses which will not work for me either since I have almost 200 students. So I began the search to find a survey creator that is simple to use and unlimited in it application for free.

The best thing was I found one “Obsurvey”. Obsurvey is a great survey creator. It is very simple to use and has a wide variety of questions types to ask such as multiple choice, short answer, essay and others. It provides many different ways to present your audience with the survey by providing code to embed the survey, a link or in a java application. It has many other options like pass wording your survey and a print version as well. You can also print your results in an organized easy to read PDF document. So if you are a teacher on a budget and looking to create a survey for your students at no cost check out “Obsurvey”.

Click here to take a look at their site.

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What do your students think? It might surprise you!

At the end of every year I survey my students about their thoughts on my class.  It has been a very enlightening experience. It has also been very eye opening and a humbling experience as well.  Over all however the benefits are well worth the time and effort of setting up a survey. Every year these surveys allow me to restructure or tweak my class in certain ways that really do prove to be beneficial. I really recommend that all teachers have their students complete short end of year surveys to assess their class.  While the results can be humbling at times this feed back can really be valuable to teachers to look at areas of their teaching they may need to improve to better meet the needs of their students.

This year I used a website called Jotform to create my survey and it was very simple to use and seemed to work well for my students. Watch the video below for a quick overview of their service.  They do have a free version and two paid plans. I simply bought a plan for one month and conducted my survey it was quite simple and intuitive to use. Check them out at

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