Great Teaching Resource “Teacher First”

This past weekend I found a great resource that I wanted to share “Teacher First”.  I have looked at this site before but never really took the time to look at all of the available content.  It is quite impressive and has some great units and lessons that are engaging and well developed.  This site offers a wide variety subject specific resources and can be a great place for teachers to bookmark and visit when developing their lessons. Check it out at

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Timelines for the Classroom

I have often used timeline in my classroom to help students understand the evolution of history.  But often times the timelines contain extraneous elements that confuse students or get them off of the main idea of the lesson.  So I began looking for an easy to use timeline creator and “PRECEDEN” seemed to fit the bill.

Preceden is a web-based easy to use timeline creator that allows you to customize timelines to fit your specific needs.  This tool allowed me to make specific timelines that kept my students on task and focused through my lessons.  It is also a great tool for visual learners to really see how history comes together.  I have used this tool a couple of time and found it to be very successful.

Check it out at the link below.

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