Three New Tools I Have Found Useful

Over the course of the past week there have been three web 2.0 tools that have come in quite handy for me so I thought that I would share these.

  1. The first is Markup. This site has come in very useful with my Interactive Whiteboard.  As they state so well on their website, “Markup lets you draw on any webpage with a variety of tools to express your thoughts, make a point or just simply edit. Yes, no downloading needed.”  This is definitely one to check out and bookmark.
  2. The second is Ding It’s Up. This site will let you know when sites are up or down via email, text or tweet.  Very useful when you are waiting for your district to get you website back up or to let you know when sites you use frequently are up or don for maintenance.
  3. The third is Embedit This site is great for embedding PDF files and other webpages into your exiting website. Helping your students navigate to required information without getting sidetracked or lost on the web. you would like students to look at with out have them go out and get lost on the web.
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Project Based Learning with Primary Sources

Historical Scene Investigation is a great website to use to incorporate not only technology in your classroom but also primary sources as well.

Historical Scene Investigation


This is a project based website that provides lessons focusing on U.S. history.  Here are the topics covered on this website.

  • March on Frankfort
  • Case of Sam Smiley
  • When Elvis Met Nixon
  • Dropping the Bomb
  • School Desegregation
  • Children in the Civil War
  • Antonio Slave
  • Constitution Controversy
  • Boston Massacre
  • Lexington Concord
  • Bacon’s Rebellion
  • Jamestown Starving Time

All of these lessons have a student and teacher sections and include all readings, worksheets and links to other WebPages.   This is a great site to use in your class but also to see a great way to setup similar content projects.

Click on this link to check out this website.

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How to: Turn any Webpage into a PDF in one Click!

This is an online tool that has become very useful in my classes. Located at this tool will simply convert any website into a PDF file with one click. This will allow you to print sites for your students to read and it maintains all of the margins and formats. All you need to do is copy and paste the URL in the address bar on the webpage and click the icon at the end of the address bar and you are done. Great tool!

Web address to this site is