Wordle and Glogster Lesson Plan (A Real Eye Opener!)

Over the past couple of days there was a lot of concern about the web cloud site Wordle.  The buzz was that they were in legal trouble and had to close down their site.  Well, since that time it seems that they have worked out their issue and are back up and running in all of their glory.  With all of the discussion about Wordle it got me thinking about lessons I have done with word clouds and decided to post one of my lesson ideas.

At the beginning of the year teachers always want to ge to know their students.  Many of us want to start incorporating technology as soon as possible to are students as well.  Well, this lesson idea fits both bills and is a great way to begin a new semester or year.  First students write a brief biography about themselves.  Once they have written this biography they paste it into Wordle or other web cloud generator and create a word cloud.  Then they take this word cloud and put it into Edu.Glogster and create a Glog about the top five words in their biography.  Their Glog will have the word cloud centered on the Glog.  Then students will take the top five words in their word cloud and explain why they are the most important with images or text.  Once they have created the Glog we then share them in class.  This is a great way to know your students and for the students it can be an eye opening experience.  Resources for this lesson idea are below.

Word Cloud site Resources:

Link to Glogster

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