Zoom to Learn

This is a great resource for teachers to post images on the web and have students able to really zoom into sections and look at a particular image. I have found this very useful for things such as maps. Often when I give a map assignment students like to go to Google map and begin working. However, since they can do so much with Google maps they often get lost in the process and are off task looking at their house or other things that are not the focus of my lesson. This is one of the pitfalls of technology. To combat this I have begun using this website to create usful maps that limit what they can look at so that the focus stays on the task at hand. In an age of immense technology sometimes we forget that students can get lost in the amount of information they can find in a simple Google search. We as teachers need to ensure this does not happen and provide resources that limit the inflow of information to attain our learning objective.