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Over the course of the year I have been looking for a simple free video editors that I can use with my students. In the process of reviewing the many different options I decide to post my results to save everyone the time looking at the variety of options out there.

If you know of any others please let me know and I will post them here as well.

Free Video Editors: Editors that are free to users.

  1. Animoto Easy to use and creates great looking videos. Students have really enjoyed this application. However, you can only create 30 second videos for free and you are limited in editing in the free version. You must register to use the free version as well. Animoto will provide educators with a free code to allow their students to create full length videos for FREE for 6 months otherwise this application only has free 30 second videos.
  2. One True Media Easy to use and creates nice looking videos. Charges for anything more than 30 seconds and limited to 15 minute of finished video per month. Must register to use free portions of this application. They do have a mobile app for the pay version. This application only has free 30 second videos.
  3. Flixtime This site also is easy to use and you are able to create 60 second videos. However you have limited resources and are unable to add transition, voice and create HD videos. This application only has free 60 second videos and are limited in effects.
  4. YouTube This editor allows you to do the basic editing effects to videos upload to YouTube. You can add text, audio and voice, transitions, trim clips and combine YouTube videos. You must have a YoutTube account. Difficult to use ion schools since it is often blocked. This application is FREE!
  5. Easy to use video editor. Allows you all of the basic video editing features and share with many different social networks but does not provide ability to download file or upload to YouTube. This is a free application.
  6. Creaza This is a free editor and allows you to upload directly to YouTube. As far as I can tell there is no real limitation to the free version however if you upload your video to YouTube using the free video it will place a Creaza logo in the lower right corner. This is a limited free application.
  7. Masher Very simple and easy to use video editor. Has a good collection of videos to use from the BBC. Easy to add and edit with the basic features. Can embed videos and email but can not upload to YouTube or download them. This is a Free Site at this time.
  8. Stupeflix This is a great web-based editor. Simple to use and has many options that are easy to apply to your videos. It even includes an option to integrate to your webcam. This site offers free one minute video. This is a partially free website.
  9. FileLab This site allows you to edit video and audio and share them on the web. This is a free site and quite simple to use. Can only be used on a Windows machine.
  10. Magisto Simple free video editor. It has limited transition and effects but is very simple and organized well. Does a lot of the editing and transitions for you.

Video Compilers: Allow you to combine existing video from the web and add effects.

  1. Splice together YouTube clips to create long compilation videos.
  2. Video Annotation Tool [Academic Technology Services, UMN] Add captions to your videos and share them. Free of charge.
  3. CaptionTube: Home  This site allows you to add caption to your videos and then share them on YouTube and other video hosting websites. Must register to use application. This application is FREE!
  4. TubeChop – Chop YouTube Videos This site allows you to take videos found on the web and select and cut out the interesting parts and then share them with your fiends. This is a free application. But limited in the video editing department. You can only cut out selected clips.
  5. SnipSnip.It – Share the Good Parts This site allows you to edit YouTube clips and share them with friends. Simply put allows you o cut out funny or important bits of video from YouTube and share them.
  6. Dragontape Allows you to quickly search YouTube for clips then edit or combine them to create your own work. Simple and easy to use and share your videos.
  7. Overstream This site is free and allows you to create compilation videos using YouTube and other online video sites.
  8. Splicd “ allows you to isolate an interesting tidbit from a YouTube video and provides you with a link to share it with your family, friends, and colleagues.”

Free Downloadable Video Editors: These software applications must be downloaded but are free of charge.

  1. Movie Masher This is a free downloadable video editing application that you can load on your server and have multiple people use. It does take some setting up and configuring but it free. This application is FREE!
  2. t@b ZS4 Video Editor This is a free downloadable program that is free of charge and can do all of the basic editing options. It is a free program.
  3. Vivia – The Video Editor Vivia: is a video editing program for Linux and Windows that offers very user-friendly editing of DV video material. Vivia is Free Software with a GPL license. This is a free application.
  4. VideoSpin – Create your own movie clips in minutes! Another downloadable software application that allows users to edit video. This is a simple windows program that does all of the basic video editing program. This is a free application.
  5. Avidemux – Main Page This is a free editor that is supported in all operating systems and supports a variety of media types. Avidemux is available for Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows under the GNU GPL license.
  6. JellyCam – Stop Motion This is a great stop motion video editor. Also it can be used to easily narrate images to tell a digital story. Lots of fun to play with.
  7. SAM Animation Home Page Downloadable program that allows users to create stop animation videos to tell stories or demonstrate concepts.
  8. Lightworks This is a free downloadable video editor that allows users to create videos with many affects and transitions.
  9. AVS Video Editor: perfect for home video editing. Edit video easily! This is a great free downloadable software application to download video. This programs will work on most PCs. It is completely free.

Other types of Video editors worth mentioning.

  1. RiffTrax Lots of fun to create. Allows you to add funny commentary on movies. Is not free and you must download software onto your computer. But this is a lot of fun and good for a laugh. This is not free.
  2. Pixorial This site does have a limited free version that allows you 1 GB of memory and limited editing features. Simple to use and easy to share videos.
  3. myBrainshark This site allows you to create short narrated videos and presentations that students could use to demonstrate their knowledge. They do have both free and paid versions of the program.
  4. Viewbix This site allows you to create short videos and add an interactive element to it such as a worksheet or activity. The free version is limited and to get more out of this application you will have to pay a monthly fee. this has some true potential for students and educators.
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