14 Ways For Students To Create Timelines

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Timelines are a great way to teach history. Students in my classes often use them to create projects on a given time period or event with great success. I have found that for all students putting events in order helps them to understand the overall development of a particular event like WWI, WWII, and to understand the development of an historical era like the Cold War. It also allows them to see how historical events are related and points out the cause and effect relationship between historical events. Below is a list of 14 great website that will allow students to create excellent interactive timelines.

  1. xtimeline – Explore and Create Free Timelines

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6 Responses

  1. good but not very much helpful!!!!you would have elaborated (i wanted a creative way to make a timeline)I know what a timeline is!!!!!but still attractive a sad news for me!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good job.
    I appreciate reading your blog.
    I am looking forward reading more of your articles.
    The subject is well covered.
    I encourage you continue writing.
    I agree with you on most points.

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  4. Hey, could you put to your list this website – myhistro.com. It is a good place for creating really attractive stories through the internet! I strongly recommend it.

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